Are you more of a chemsex or chamomile tea gay?

Online it doesn’t matter because it’s easy to find every subculture and niche.

In Consumables, two unlikely friends are brought together by the internet. But ultimately, are you going to find what you are really looking for? 

Why does it seem that many of us have such a complex relationship with dating apps?

Apps like Grindr liberates us, but on the other…What happens to the individual who craves more than acceptance? Who is more than a sexual fetish or product that’s just used and discarded? 

We often refer to the internet as a liberating and democratizing place. And a lot of the time it is.

However, just like any platform, it’s down to the way us humans use them that truly shapes our relationship with them.

For many, it brought cruising into the digital age and lets us find gays anywhere in the world. And for many others, it opened a world we could have never even hoped to tap into before.

But when the platform reduces our complicated beings to a mere digital avatar – is it any wonder we up-sell ourselves to get us beyond the digital contact, to an in real life, ‘IRL’ hook-up?

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