When we lower the ceiling on the level of intimacies that we engage in, and even sexually experiment outside of our norm boundaries, are we in-turn setting our own trap? Once we’ve partook in casual sex in a bathhouse, group sex from Grindr, or entered the throbbing fetish scene, are we then hesitant to look for anything more than that?

As humans, we crave attention, intimacy and love, and so it wouldn’t be out of character for us to attempt to take the easy route to at least two of those things. Shortcuts to satisfaction and success (read: laziness) are also part of our natural inclination. (Or at least until we try it a few times, and then realise that it doesn’t work). It’s why we take steroids, have invented dating apps, and use live streaming. We’re impatient. We want results, and we want them fast. That includes sex. And now we live in a society which makes that possible. So in our rush to satisfy our sexual appetite, are we becoming lackadaisical in searching for real connections?

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