72987657_2130707023905798_4384778008506925056_nWe can connect ourselves with a basic force of our community by focusing on the essential element of our life force. We inhale the life-giving force, feeling it fill us, and then releasing it into the world to let the breath of the community mingle with the breath of the world. We can evoke sounds carried on the wind, maybe laughter or song, or perhaps just the wind’s own whispers through the trees, across the landscape of our lives.

Just as we can be soothed by the wind, the breathe of the community can even make the inanimate dance and whirl gracefully. We can entrust the wind to carry our voices and best wishes out into the world, knowing it will be carried to its perfect destination. Releasing these precious offerings to its care, we remember that our community’s power is as close as our breath, and we breathe deeply once again before returning to the world around us.

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