Being Instagay hot takes a lot of effort. And time. And preparation. And research. And commitment.

Most of us will never be Instagay hot. That isn’t a pity statement, or even a depressing one. It’s just reality. And it’s a reality that many of us should wholeheartedly embrace.

Nothing against the Instagay hotness I see (AND collect) on my Instagram feed. In fact, I celebrate and support it. It’s just that for a number of reasons, I know many of us will never be Instagay hot and that’s, 1,000% OK!

While we should enjoy focusing on health, fitness and nutrition, there’s a world of difference between what we do, and what an Instagay hot guy does. It’s like playing tennis socially once a week, versus being a pro player who eats, breathes and lives the game. There’s no comparison.

 Instagay hot guys work hard to get the results that they do and that’s admirable. And in all honesty, it should inspire us. Not to be like them, but to help me maintain my level of focus on my own health, fitness and nutrition.

Whether you’re Instagram hot (or not) my hope is that the way you feel about your body and your appearance comes from a place of love and acceptance. That’s not just soap box speak either. There has never been, nor will there ever be, another person like you on this planet. Rather than seeing yourself as something, or someone, that you’re not (i.e. that Instagay hot dude), see yourself for who you are. A truly unique and unrepeatable human being!


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