69684305_1538914456249146_2760194972253683712_nAs with most things, Daylight Saving Time comes with benefits and drawbacks. Falling back can mean an extra hour of blissful sleep—if you can actually get the shut-eye. But it also means saying hello to darkness, our old friend, which can cut down our Vitamin D levels and usher in the season of SAD.

Come spring, losing an hour is hard on everyone. With one less hour of sleep, your body has less time to deal with stress and all of its implications.  But with more daylight hours comes more time for physical activity and its health benefits (again, if you take advantage of it).

In general, it’s not easy to hit reset on your rhythm when time springs forward or fall back. How does the change in time affect you?

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  1. renudepride says:

    DST: longer (or later) daylight time after work brings more outdoor fun! Naked hugs!


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