Whether I am a stranger from out of the dark value me,

Don’t play games with the light.

Shadows of the mind are sometimes the enemy of a heart.

The heart has eyes,

The eyes have tears that seek warmth

As I am





But behind all the masks is really me

I have managed to look different

But never forget we all have the same inner characteristics

Just look closer,

See the lost infant lion that lies down with the deer in harmony

You’ve tossed me around so much

I am your commercial favorite,

A method to silence or manipulate another

In last few years

You should see

Action in value speaks much louder than words!

All connections have value,

What you value,

Especially from others

Should inspire meaningful times

I live in my own style,

I defy common labels,

I am that spiritual shock talk

I provoke thinking outside the confines of the box

Rest me on your shoulders

Don’t remember me as ‘the strong one’


‘The one who always smiled’

Remember me as ‘the one who made others strong’


‘The one who always made me smile’


Hold me with open arms

© IamAgaYteKeeper


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