79521421_2426023897613721_2188259457622867968_nIn our society, one of the first stages of learnt hyper-masculinity is the propagation of feminine men as objects, things that exist to please a masculine man’s gaze, ego and his penis. Do you think that both ‘masculine and feminine’ men realize that from boys to young men, we’re taught and soon adopt the notion that the ‘feminine’ man must pleasing visually and physically? Not only is he supposed to be sexy enough to be wanted, but he must also be adept at mastering his man’s most obscene sexual fantasies. Can’t we engage in freaky sex acts with each other and think no less of ourselves? IF only we viewed everyone as equals. But since we don’t, instead of treating feminine men as equals, we treat them as less than.

A sub-human man that isn’t on equal footing despite the fact he’s showered with gifts and (sometimes) genuine affection. This gay man imbued with hyper-masculinity feels entitled to tell the lesser man how to behave, how to dress, how to act sexually and how to exist around men as a whole. And it’s this entrenched sense of entitlement that can result in scary and troubling interactions for us all.

Regardless of how hyper-masculine control is asserted, the truth is that it has the ability to spiral out of control, especially when a feminine man asserts his base humanity. A lesser man isn’t supposed to have his own voice, his own rights or his own choices. So I ask you to ask yourselves, “To what end?”

“To what end does the feminine man need to shut up, especially when y’all can’t stop talking? To what end does the feminine man need to stop wearing stop trying to act like women? To what end does the feminine man need to jump through these hoops you hyper-masculine men continue to perpetuate?”

We truly do not need to propagate the dangerous dogma of intrinsic inequality with our community. Feminine men don’t exist for the mere enjoyment and pain of the hyper-masculine men. We are equals and if we don’t begin to push that narrative, we will continue to see our communities crumble by hyper-masculine men who feel compelled to dominate the gay community’s sovereignty.

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