52854592_409161639834318_7245084863089344512_o_409161633167652Imagine you meet this guy; you both get along well, you start seeing each other often and going on dates. But there is one thing bothering you: there is a big age gap between you. You are in your early 40s/50s and he is much younger. Should/would you stop seeing him?

Is there is nothing wrong with a big age gap, as often times, the bane of mixed-aged relationships is not the age difference, but large gulf in life experience?

Should/would a gap in life experience deter you from turning a frozen romance into the hot food bar?

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  1. renudepride says:

    As long as both men are comfortable being with a man of a different age, who is empowered to pass any sort of judgement? What is of no importance to some isn’t always true of others. We all should let everyone be comfortable with what works for them. Naked hugs!


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