Picture this scenario: you’re at a party, you meet a handsome guy, and you spend the entire evening talking to each other. You’re really hitting it off. You both like that one team and you both agree that wasabi peas are the perfect party snack. You want to marry him tomorrow.

There’s just one tiny problem. You don’t know whether he’s single or not.

There are some great context clues you should look for — like a wedding ring or frequent mentions of “My boyfriend says” – but let’s assume that you’re flying absolutely blind here and you have no mutual friends who would know. The only thing left to do is ask.

Having the “are you single?” conversation can feel extremely daunting, I know. That’s because it removes all plausible deniability. Hey, maybe you were chatting because he was next to the bowl of wasabi peas. With one question, you’re establishing that you have Romance on your mind. That’s scary!

There are no real rules about when to ask somebody if they’re single. So how would/do you find out if a guy that intrigue you is single?


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  1. renudepride says:

    As you suggested here: ask! 🙂 Naked hugs!


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