51730880_2203864433261569_768770953818669056_nAre you a sucker when it comes to Valentine’s Day?

The balloons, the candlelit dinners, the lovey-dovey messages…do they all totally get your heart beating? Do you turn to utter mush when it comes to anything romance?

For all of you single peeps out there, let me stop you before you click over to another article on the Internet. My goal here is not to turn you off. My goal instead is to open your mind and help you realize that responding negatively to February 14th will not do you any favors.

You see, I know that Valentine’s Day is not all about that fluffy pink and red commercial stuff. If you actually read up on the history of this holiday, then you will learn that the overall essence of it is derived from the celebration of love. That’s why I believe that there is an “A-ha light bulb” lesson to be learned from Valentine’s Day and the way you react to it.

Look, I’ve obviously been alone on Valentine’s Day before myself. We’ve all been there, and it is not the best feeling in the world. However, over time I have noticed that a lot of people go out of their way to hate on February 14. You’ve seen those not-so-nice Facebook posts. The snarky articles. The cheeky Instagram quotes.

This type of negative energy doesn’t help anyone, especially ourselves. That’s why I believe that shifting our perspective on this day is so important. In fact, I believe that if you shift your reactions to Valentine’s Day and aim to have a more compassionate mindset, then it will create a higher feeling of positive energy within yourself that will carry out into your everyday life.

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