67594097_488588261891655_4480345905630806016_n_488588258558322We have so many worries today, and I guarantee you most of them have to do with our self-worth. It’s easy to make everything personal, especially when we’re always comparing ourselves to others. But when that special man comes, he changes everything. It’s as if he stops the universe from expanding, and pulls us close to him to make us forget we’re human. Before we know it, we stop worrying about everything, including these:

#1) You’re running out of time.

Everything happens when we’re ready, even love. Sometimes we reflect on all the circumstances we might have rejected love or were too scared to embrace it, and use that as a weight to keep us down. We always think we’re running out of time, but once we find the one, we realize it was because we were ready for it. Had we met him five years prior we wouldn’t have seen it. All the heartache, upsets, ups and downs bought us clarity, which acts as currency for spotting chemistry.

#2) Comparing yourself to people who seem “better.”

We all have a knack for comparison, but he makes us feel one of a kind. A comfortable relationship should always feel like you’re excluded from the world. It’s you and him alone; nothing can touch the passion you have for each other. Comparison is pointless because your man makes you know that nothing compares to you.

#3) The lies you’ve told for so long will pile up and bury you.

The goal for most human beings is to live a life of authenticity, but sometimes we start lying in order to make ourselves likable by society. It starts small then builds into something ongoing; sometimes we tell the lies for so long we forget what the truth is. But when you meet someone who’s worthy of your real identity, little by little the lies drain away. The need to pretend is gone because at last you’ve found someone who will accept even the darkest of secrets.

#4) Creating problems out of nothing.

When you’ve been hurt in the past, you always expect to be hurt again. The trouble with that is it convinces you to search for problems even when there’s no evidence for it. A good man gives you no reason to distrust him in the first place because he’s an open book. A good man understands that trust is one of your worries, and consistently affirms his devotion. A good man also allows you to vent about the little things in your life so that you can relieve anxiety before self-made problems arise.

#5) Never settling for anything less than perfect.

One of the biggest disappointments in life is discovering that no one is going to be perfect. Perfection is something society built as a blueprint to shape our lives in order to be put on display. It isn’t perfection we want, but authenticity. When we meet a guy who is totally compatible with what we are in every possible way, chances are he isn’t what society deems “perfect,” but he’s perfect to us. There’s a difference.

#6) You’ll lose the spark.

Relationships are up and down. It’s rare to find a guy who maintains a consistent stream of passion for years on end. But even during the lowest of lows, there is a foundation firmly planted that cannot be denied. That’s the spark. He makes you smile and forget the fact that you’re mad at him. He makes you want to be a better person. He makes you feel wanted and valuable, and never makes you second question any of it.

#7) Caring about what insignificant people think.

There’s tremendous clarity that comes with age, and one of the best is the gift of not giving any f*cks anymore, especially relating to unimportant people. You learn not to sweat the small things. When you’re a part of a duo, you hardly need a reason to care. He reminds you that the only things worrying about are him, yourself, your family and your closest friends. Everyone else can go f*ck themselves.

#8) You’ll never match up to him.

The worry of never being able to match up to his job, his looks or his family disappears. While at first he seems like a superhero, the truth of the matter is you both balance each other out. His affirmation gives you peace and makes you forget to look at what you or he has that the other doesn’t. It doesn’t matter because you have each other.

#9) You’ll lose interest quickly.

You didn’t think it was possible, but you finally met a man who is always interesting. The reason for this is probably because he feels so comfortable around that he isn’t pressured to be a one-trick pony. He’s never going to always be “on.” Sometimes he’ll be way off center, other times you will have parallel energies. No matter what, you’ll never know what to expect.

#10) Perhaps a husband isn’t in the cards for you.

For the longest time you thought that having a husband wasn’t in the cards, until finally you meet a guy who changes your mind. It feels like you aren’t trying, like you don’t need to lie to yourself anymore, like it’s okay to want something stable in your life. Kids in your head didn’t seem realistic, but a family with him is so real you can’t stop smiling about it.


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  1. renudepride says:

    Excellent points! Thank you! 🙂 Naked hugs!


  2. Bruce Coleman says:

    You guys always keep my mind generating, evolving and informed foremost.


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