85137025_534679827180523_280626802274074624_nSo I saw an acquaintance of mine in the gym the other day while working out with my partner and the following message was sent to me later that day:

Him: You look good btw

Him: 😏

Me: Thanks

Me: I guess

Me: Talk about giving a gift with closed hands

Me: 🤔

Him: You want my hands be open? 🤗🤗

Me: Thanks

Me: Yeah man

Me: You can’t give a compliment and make that face 😏

Him? Lmao

Him: And why not?

Me: Because it is saying I don’t mean what I said

Him: Really

Him: I interpret it as I want to fuck you face

Me: Oh

Me: Okay

Me: Didn’t know that face meant that

Him: It’s how you interpret it

Me: True

Him:Yes sir

Me: So you have an open relationship?

Him: That’s some white ppl shit

Me: Uh huh

Me: So just step out on your partner?

Step out as in break up?

Me: No cheat

Him: Oh

Him: No

Me: Well telling someone you find them fuckable can only happen in an open relationship or if the person cheats

Him: You went a little too deep there lol

Me: That’s me 🤩

Me: Very rarely do I just surface an issue

Him: Lol okay 

So apart from him disrespecting my relationship (I introduced him to my partner @ the gym), do you think he’s onto to something about open relationships being something for white people? Does his statement shows why many gay men cheat rather than be honest with their partners?

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  1. renudepride says:

    I don’t think “open” relationships are restricted to any one race or culture. 🙂 Naked hugs!


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