89376555_638235293698232_5691835486956421120_nWithout clouds in one’s life where would be the opportunities to see and appreciate the clearing? To not feel in terms of sadness, grief, depression, etc. there would not be the deep feelings of love and compassion. Like the parts of the earth that get no rain, little can grow and blossom. Sometimes, feelings that are uncomfortable are a natural healthy response to a happening. This is not to say that you shouldn’t cultivate the awareness of discernment to know when to avoid the undesired happenings.

 Every unfortunate situation comes with a ‘silver lining’ that may require patience, and hopeful insight as well as your movement in the direction of a positive response. Every outward situation or problem may require thinking to determine the best solution for the outer response. The inner response needs a clearing of the mind. Facing your own being is a mystery while the outer can usually be best dealt with picking the best of available choices. The outer problems have solutions. The inner is largely a mind quagmire. The mind will not be enough to de-stress the inner. Just the opposite will occur – more stress.

Being able to rise above the dark clouds, be it a seeming uphill battle of the inner mysteries, a clearer view will open up. Thinking is irrelevant to find a solution to inner suffering. Seeing the irrelevance of thinking, and its battles within, letting go happens to give a sense of meditation. The failure of a solution to an ‘inner being’ problem by thinking opens the door to the arising of meditation.  Finding the silence within is the silver lining gift that opens the doors for the breezes of godliness to enhance its healing powers in their own time.



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