23519152_148530072564144_6511197474611146735_n_148530072564144Sometimes you meet a guy and you hit it off. Best moment in your life, you’re even stuck asking where have this man been all this time? It’s so perfect, you drop all other guys and communication for him. He shows tons of interest in you and you think you found bae. You give him so much that he has nothing left to know. He’s bored. You think he’s happy but he’s bored with you. There’s nothing to build on or learn about you.

Dating should be a process. You can share enough but not too much. When most gay men feel like they’ve conquered something, they move on to the next. For some gay men their animals seeking prey. If you aren’t a catch most men get bored. Yeah he liked you, the feelings were pure. But if you rush into it and you give out more than he can chew at once. Then he’ll lose interest and feel like there’s no more catch. Allow him to win you over. Nobody wants to play a game and beat it. We all like challenges. Be a challenge and don’t be quick to allow him to win you over.

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