93825567_565990760719042_543389852016574464_nDo you see yourself as the gay man others think you are?

Many of us have the ability to bypass our wounded selves and see what our essence is. Are you connected with your essence? Do you own the qualities others see in you, or do you define yourself by your wounded self?

Is there anything that is not true about you when you are connected with your essence and your Guidance? Be it good or bad, I hope you don’t discount what others see in you. I hope you don’t tell yourself that others are just dumb and they don’t how awesome or what a loser you are.

Can you use what others think of you as a role model for how to be a loving person in the world? What if you actually owned up to and became the person others think you are?

While your wounded self might think of you as a fraud, there is no way that your true Self, your Divine essence is a fraud. How can it be?

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