52338451_405322000218282_7658145822294409216_n_405321996884949In this queer world where individuals explores his or her personal experience and connects that experience to wider cultural, political and social meanings, how do we track the development of HIV prevention and sex in our lives?

This era of our lives point to the creative ways that individuals and communities construct sex lives around HIV narratives. Rather than static equations of risk and actions, HIV prevention could be considered a dynamic process. How do we map out dialogue that must continue to happen about sex within the LGBTQ community?

Public service announcements, community education sessions, gossip, and pornography teach all of us about gay sex. Each of these crafted similar stories: use a condom for EVERYTHING, even mutual masturbation and oral; anal was the proof of actual sex happening; and sex was simple and straightforward. These points remain neither helpful nor accurate. Condoms are not something found in our imagination of the male form nor in furtive looks through underwear catalogs. Anal sex don’t come easily for many of us.

Where many of us are inundated with instructions about condom use, there is significantly less about sexual acts and intimacy. Where’s our language for sex, the kind we are having and the kind we want? Many of us learn how to have sex through the act of doing it. How can we translate that intimacy into being safe?

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