774cbe9ba46c3a14af39147fa140ef7eWith the expanding “Daddy culture” currently in play, age differences of more than twenty years suggest a guy may be interested in playmates around their own age or interested in males many years older or younger! Some gay men feel their targeted playmates will be around their own ages, but fail to realize that there are many who are looking further. Some feel that surfing for suitable playmates more than twenty years older or younger is not acceptable. They may even be referred to as cradle snatchers, or perverts.

 Many 20-something year’s old males are interested in guys in their forties and vice versa. When asked about playmate preferences, these younger guys indicated they wanted something more intellectual, more secure, and a playmate that has already experienced some of the twenty-something culture and lifestyle. The older males seem to be looking for vitality, stamina and intellect.

 After the sexual heat and cum explosions have subsided briefly, there are opportunities for playmates of any age to have pillow talk time on subjects ranging far and wide—not just about sexual pleasure. Diversity in culture and experience is a powerful component to a relationship. If just a hookup, this may not be relevant. However, some relationships began as hookups!

 So, if you are targeting a specific age group, speed up the surfing process by providing info in your profile on your desired age group. And make sure to include your age as well for others to find you when they use the search feature.

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