94640043_2617257375045420_554245145634013184_nThere’s the rub. To engage in discussions about HIV and vulnerability means to have meaningful dialogue about sex and drug use. This is difficult in the world today. We have to do the work of defining the ways that we are comfortable with sex and substance use and vulnerability, by ourselves and with another person. We have to adjust to discomfort. We have to make a language out of our desire and pain. We have to witness others’ fumbling attempts. We must make space for compassion, even in sex and substance use.

Aren’t you tired of being frustrated @ the safe answers for the gay community? What about condoms? Can you really remember the last time you enjoyed using one? The answers MUST emerge from the community. The LGBTQ community is faltering in this HIV prevention step. The more moralistic elements of the community that had organized against “raw” sex and substance use cannot seem to comprehend the ways that HIV transmission can be disrupted. In their world, the condom is the only answer possible in sex—not necessarily pleasure or the need to not be alone. There is little discussion of socio-economic class and trauma, the variation in region and racial background that can define so much of what needs healing.

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