35191388_245999359483881_4707710870006792192_o_245999352817215There’s a common misconception that gay men can’t hold down a relationship or that they jump from boyfriend to boyfriend always looking for the next best thing. We of course know that’s not true. Many gay men are in long-term relationships, have civil partnerships or are married.

However, I find that the most common misconception about gay men when trying to establish relationships is the fact we lack communication skills. The lack of communication often comes down to us not telling each other how we feel and, in some cases, not being able to communicate the type of relationship we want. 

Perhaps this is just a human trait. Where relationships are concerned it’s often hard to see the wood for the trees, especially when the trees are yelling at you in the kitchen because you didn’t empty the trash bin. I know that many of us lack the full education around same sex relationships and many things we are modeled after ‘traditional’ relationships.

A lack of community is often the reason we find it difficult to navigate our way out of difficult relationships or unable to resolve issues to save them. Perhaps it’s another inequality that we as gay men face and we should seek to change it.

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