online-heaven (71)Are we obsessed with the penis? My penis. Your penis. His penis. Any penis! As the popular adage goes, a man usually thinks with his dick instead of his brain. Whether or not this is justified, our cocks are often blamed for our bad behaviour: from the constant need to check hookup apps, to covert visits to at home, work, the gym, etc, for a quick bit of solo hand relief.

Then there are those times when you did things you wouldn’t ordinarily do, with guys you wouldn’t ordinarily entertain, which you blamed on having being horny. When it comes to sex, a penis with a mind of its own can be held accountable for our poor choices, in the exact same way we might blame the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Trouble can definitely arise whenever dick rears his head and starts straining the waistband of our underwear. But sometimes an aroused cock does more than lead us towards temptation and sexual gratification.

Should we really let our dicks, and our dick size, make these decisions? Isn’t it time we started to make our own choices based on what we want, not what our dicks determine for us?

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