legendary_trailerThe road to Legendary is almost over! Today the new HBO Max show has debuted its latest trailer as well as its history-making grand prize.

For those who missed the newsLegendary is television’s first competition show based on the ballroom scene. It will feature eight houses competing in a series of categories incluing performance (that’s voguing), runway, fashion, and face. It will all happen over the span of nine balls and, according to the new trailer, the winning house will be awarded a whopping $100,000.

Cash prizes are nothing new to ballrooom — most balls in America have some sort of coin awarded to winners. But this $100,000 grand prize marks the first six-figure. Up until now, the largest bag that’s been given away is $10,000, most recently split between DeeDee and Erykah Lanvin for the Rihanna-sponsored open-to-all face category at the Miyake-Mugler ball in 2019.

Of course, alongside all the competing, we are introduced to the teams.

“Ballroom tells a story,” a voice says in the trailer.

“Ballroom taught me how to be me,” Calypso Balmain echoes. 

The judges for the show include Megan Thee Stallion, Jameela Jamil, Law Roach, and Leiomy Maldonado. Dashaun Wesley performs as host and MC for the series. 

“One of you will make history,” Wesley, who is a father in the house of Lanvin, says on the mic. “While the other one will become history.”

The series launches May 27 alongside the rest of HBO Max’s first wave of content. There’s no announcement yet on whether episodes will release weekly or all at once. 


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