IMG_2615It’s Pride season, many of you will travel, some will have sex while traveling, so it brings me to ask you this question. Do you prefer knowing the guy you will have sex with or you prefer anon sex, with a stranger you will meet online or app?

For some people it is impossible to have sex with strangers. They need to know them a bit, at least by going on a date with them. For others what they like is the thrill of not knowing the person and have sex with strangers. But this latest option might also come with STDs….

So let me know, Anon Sex: Hot or Not?

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  1. Fady says:


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    1. Mr Annonymous says:

      My name is Mr Annonymous n i would take a stranger over sumbody ive already been with.. But that’s jus .me

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  2. Fady says:

    I like it

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  3. Ajani Asante says:

    As of lately I’ve come to enjoy anonymous sex. I love the effort that is put forth to secure if there will be a second or third encounter.

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  4. John says:

    It’s not complicated at all, it depends on what your looking for, because it’s out there. Personally I prefer to get to know the person but it doesn’t always work out that way, so pertection is a must when having anonymous sex.

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