107944406_991691431263695_5304560891801462705_nWe can all agree that online hate and trolling sucks. But when it happens to sexy, provocative and “out there” gay guys, do our attitudes about it change?

Can we honestly talk about the double standard between our thoughts about online hate? I’m sure we can all agree that we as gay men experiencing online hate based purely on sexuality isn’t right or fair. You can’t control your sexuality and you shouldn’t be harassed or shamed for it.

So do so why do so many of us share venom to attractive, confident gay men who likes to take and share pictures of himself in underwear, or even naked? Are they in any way more ‘deserving’ of online hate?

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  1. galby68 says:

    When narcissism meets misdirected self-hate, eh?
    It’s a tough one. In my experience, there’s often contributing factors on both sides. However, when all else fails, if we could all just remember to shut up when we’ve got nothing nice to say and try and live by that tarnished, old golden rule…we’d probably be heading off in the right direction.


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