I would like to know your opinion on a delicate subject, friendship with other gay men. It is something that too many of us have a hard time with. I’m not talking about party friends, or friends to go for a coffee with, I’m talking about real friends, TRUE gay friends. Friends that you know more than their name, friends that you can share happy or sad things with, friends that you can have a real connection with, friends that inspire you.

Do you think many of us have the Motto: better be alone than in bad company as a friendship mantra? Why do you think many of us find it is so hard to have true, real lasting friendships with gay men?

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  1. Willie says:

    I read the article about having friends. I’m a 62 year old man , and I’m still.looking for that. That some who can friends with all of me not just crave a part of me. It gets real tired, and make you say why bother. I am a physical being, and I do love that part of my life, but I am a mental as well. I have a mind.

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