It’s rare for a person to believe that being unfaithful might actually improve their relationship; rather, thoughts of infidelity are almost always a sign of underlying trouble in the relationship. So why does cheating happen?

Is it the allure of someone sexy or irresistible?

Is it due to a feeling of disconnect in their relationships?

Is it about the sexual adventures that might be interesting and enticing at the start?

Is it simply feeling the urge to explore other pastures because you’re trying to make your partner change?

Is it simply a way of getting your partner’s attention?

Though some men cheat, it sometimes have nothing to do with their partner. Happy people in happy relationships cheat. People who have no intention of ending their relationship, who deeply love their partners and they life they have created together, cheat.

 In other words, it can always happen, but how do you prevent it?

And what did you do if you or your partner were unfaithful?

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