104777301_729366717632004_2612157250362961444_nThe best pride organizer might just be the computer sitting on your desk. Think about it, artificial intelligence can go through all online profiles and find what the community really needs to offer a diverse balance month of pride.

Most humans, on the other hand, will rely on biases — whether they are aware of them or not — to get them through the selection process. This is sadly why see the things that showcase the negative moments of pride.

AI, can change that, a computer that believes that ​diversity and inclusion ​are ​essential ​to the ​growth ​and ​prosperity ​of ​our community today. When woven ​into ​every ​aspect ​of ​the ​life ​cycle, queer communities committed to diversity and inclusion are ​the ​best ​equipped ​to ​in becoming what it’s meant to be.

What are you thoughts?

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  1. I think a Queer community is OK as long as you create a Gay community. Is that OK?


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