119063323_2773504186213649_9120211402875843960_nAre you a big fan of watching men masturbate?

My reply to this question is NO!

First of all, I am very picky and even when men turn me on, I find it a waste to just watch some guy jerk off. Now if it someone I had actual sex with then that’s different. 

So tell me, do you like watching men masturbate?

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  1. nubian-ikigai says:

    Yes. I do like watching men masturbate. It turns me on and gives me pleasure to see the pleasure on men’s faces. I enjoy seeing what pleasure looks like. I like to see how they move their bodies, they get in a comfortable positin, their bodies react to the sensations and for me it’s very soft and feminine. The man takes on a soft feminine persona. That’s the biggest turn on for me

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