When we take the time to recognize when we are happy and what that feels like, it becomes easier to recreate.

Those of us on the path of personal and spiritual growth have a tendency to analyze our unhappiness in order to find the causes and make improvements. But it is just as important, if not more so, to analyze our happiness. Since we have the ability to rise above and observe our emotions, we can recognize when we are feeling joyful and content. Then we can harness the power of the moment by savoring our feelings and taking time to be grateful for them.

Recognition is the first step in creating change, therefore recognizing what it feels like to be happy is the first step toward sustaining happiness in our lives. We can examine how joy feels in our bodies and what thoughts run through our minds in times of bliss. Without diminishing its power, we can retrace our steps to discover what may have put us in this frame of mind, and then we can take note of the choices we’ve made while there. We might realize that we are generally more giving and forgiving when there’s a smile on our face, or that we are more likely to laugh off small annoyances and the actions of others when they don’t resonate with our light mood.

Once we know what it feels like and can identify some of the triggers and are aware of our actions, we can recreate that happiness when we are feeling low. Knowing that like attracts like, we can pull ourselves out of a blue mood by focusing on joy. We might find that forcing ourselves to be giving and forgiving, even when it doesn’t seem to come naturally, helps us to reconnect with the joy that usually precedes it. If we can identify a song, a picture, or a pet as a happiness trigger, we can use them as tools to recapture joy if we are having trouble finding it. By focusing our energy on analyzing happiness and all that it encompasses, we feed, nurture, and attract more of it into our lives, eventually making a habit of happiness.

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  1. nubianikigai says:

    Thanks for this letter. I’ve recently embarked upon the challenge to seek out my happiness triggers. Wow!!! Not an easy undertaking when you’re someone like me who finds it hard sometimes to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and finds it a struggle to stay joyful.
    But gladly I must admit all is not lost, I haven’t given up on myself and I’m not a lost cause. Today I discovered what triggers tend to get me down.I tend to get boggled down by to-do lists as I tend to want to do away with the tasks as quickly as I can. Then I become overwhelmed, anxious, sad and depressed. So first, today, I told myself that having a to-do list doesn’t mean that everything has to be done that very day or in that very order. Then I just started taking some deep breaths in order to calm myself down. Finally, with serenity, I did those things that were on the list.
    I wasn’t jumping with joy but as I went through the list I slowly started to feel at peace. I think too that it’s been something i’ve also been working on: how to become more organised…in my head!. Knowing where I was going was actually helping me to feel better. The idea of being lost isn’t as daunting as not knowing where to go. And so now I know what makes me happy. Having a clear idea makes me happy. I’m happy because I know what I am lackng hence I can start working on how to achieve. Working towards objectives make me happy. It may not be done today but at least knowing that I am on the path is extremely satisfying and invigorating. Knowing whats wrong so that i can work on fixing it. I may not have the solution straight away, but I’m not someone to back down from a challenge.

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