So after years of searching for ‘Mr Right’ you finally found your match. He’s smart, funny, creative, affectionate and emotionally balanced, pretty much ticking all the essential boxes on your list. You’ve always been picky and perhaps that might explain why you’ve been single for most of your adult life. But now that all looks set to change – the only problem is that you’re just beginning to learn how to have a healthy relationship and it’s much harder than you thought it was going to be.

It’s a somewhat daunting feeling when you suddenly meet someone who you can actually see yourself going the long distance with. Sure, it’s flattering and your are fighting against your desire to sabotage this new relationship.

Secretly you’re hoping that all the self-development you’ve done on yourself would yield you the perfect boyfriend, but as the years went on you still find myself single. And that was when I say ask yourself this question: are you really not in a relationship because I’m too busy working on myself? Or is it because you are really avoiding the vulnerability and emotional intimacy that comes with being in a relationship? 

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