Whether it’s building muscle – or losing fat – to pursue what we consider to be our ideal body, many gay men experience body image issues.

Our relationship to our own bodies is a topic that fascinates me. As gay men, issues of body image, self-esteem and self-worth are undeniably closely linked to our sexuality. For some, taking control over our appearance gives us a sense of control in a world where we were/are made to feel bad about who we are. For others, holding negative views about how we look is an extension of the negativity we feel about our sexuality.

Our relationship to our appearance is also inextricably linked to the narcissistically permissive era of social media sharing we find ourselves in. Whether its shirtless selfies shared on Instagram, or dick pics exchanged on a hook up app, our bodies have become our brand. It’s the first view much of the (online/social) world has of us. That means there’s pressure for those bodies to present who we are in the best possible light.

I know these issues aren’t the exclusive domain of gay guys. Straight guys experience them too. But as a gay guy writing a gay blog for a (mainly) gay male audience, my focus will be on how we as gay men experience body image issues.

Do you think we have a healthy relationship with our body images?


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  1. nubianikigai says:

    I can’t be categoric but I tend to believe that gay men have made some sort of peace with themselves, their body and their self image.
    I will want to thank first and foremost, the porn industry for making a very strong and deliberate effort in being open to the minorities in the LGBT world (latino, coloured, T-females and FTM)
    Then I want to thank the movie making industry all together for starting to include more masculine nudity in films. It’s about time that we do away with this sexist taboo of not showing male nudity.
    Now I feel normal when I look at myself in the mirror, and I know I’m not only speaking on my own behalf.
    I can’t limn the evolution and progress that has been made but seeing that one can be “a bear” , “an otter” , round, a gym bunny, scruffy, a hunk, a jock, average, clean cut, smooth, athletic and be proud, then yes. I know my body type has its place on the party banwagon, in the club, or sauna or backroom, or anywhere else that gay men hang out these days.

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    1. The porn industry sure has a variety of stuff that supports different body types

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