I’ve been wondering about something for a while. Something that affects every gay man. Something that’s so integral to our way of life it can impact relationships, change friendships and perhaps bring us closer to spiritual enlightenment.

I want to know: what makes a good bottom and what makes a good top?

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  1. nubianikigai says:

    I’ll take a shot at answering this question. A good bottom for me is audacious. He must be bold , brave and willing to try new things. He loves sex, has a very kinky side and must have great hygiene. A good bottom has a good dose of self confidence and narcissism.

    A good top encourages the bottom in their bottomness. A good top knows that he never takes his eyes off his partner just like in playing any ball game he should always keep his eye on the ball . A good top is expert at reading body language. And finally a good top is fantastic because he ensures his partner has orgasm before he has his own. So a good top orgams after his bottoming partner… “Ladies first!!” or as I like to put it “bottoms first”

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