IMG_9081When you first met the man who is now your partner, neither of you expected anything beyond friendship and fun, despite your obvious attraction to each other. But you quickly developed a deep connection, and fell hard and fast for each other… which meant letting go of all of your sexual partners.

 Even though it never felt natural to you, you defaulted to monogamy because you thought that building a life with someone required it. Besides, you have a great sex life: you watched porn and openly discussed your fantasies, and your sexual history was never a taboo subject. 

Early on, he’d bring up the possibility of non-monogamy, but you quickly squashed the idea. Being loved by someone while enjoying other partners seemed unrealistic. After all, every other boyfriend you had balked at the mere implication that you might have great sex with other partners. 

 But after a few years as a monogamous couple, the subject of opening the relationship to others, but you find that it takes your relationship to the next level. You both learned to quiet the tiny pangs of jealousy that sometimes appear in the heat of the moment. To your delight, these bits of jealousy ended up being obliterated by overwhelming arousal. Since you’ve always delighted in one another’s pleasure, you find out that it doesn’t matter that pleasure was coming from another person. And watching one another yields a consuming joy and strong desire for each other.

Do you think what I shared here is fantasy or something that demonstrates how open relationships works for gay couples?

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  1. nubianikigai says:

    What you’ve shared is both fantasy and a demonstration of how relationships work for any couple. At the beginning , I too believed and saught after a monogomous relationship. I beleive in a way even gay couples try to be “normal” couples. But what is a “normal couple”. Each person is unique. Hence each couple is unique and therefore needs to find their own dynamic. As i have grown older I have come to realise the we evolve. I have evolved, and we are not the same person today as we were at the beginning of the relationship. Having an open non-monogomous relationship is just one thing, it may also be that we’re looking for other people with whom we want to explore the other aspects of our personalites and sexualities. Pretty much like being a part of a new theater group or cooking class, because now you may be into theater or cooking. You may now be into BDSM and so you’d like to explore that with your partner. Being open about it will allow you to share this part of you with your partener. Also if your partner is open, and perhaps isn’t into your fetish then why not go to your fetish group. So your partner is open to the fact that you may also NOT share the same fantacies. That’s what an open relationship is…Opening up ourselves, allowing the other to open up and being open enough to the idea that being together is also about giving each other what we both need to survive.

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    1. Thanks for posting this 👍🏽


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