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  1. nubianikigai says:

    Straight up NO. I never grow tired of seeing naked bodies. Nudity is undeniably very comely fashion: to be categoric. The human body is a natural masterpiece. Nature at its best. Each naked human is as unique as their own fingerprint. What I do get tired of though, are people parading around unsightly costumes they call clothes. I mean wearing clothes isn’t bad but it can sometimes take away from our natural aesthetic.
    This comment may in someway be biased as I myself am a practicing nudist/naturist. Mind, body, spirt, soul, all at one.
    In any case, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I think what happens is that as individuals we may tend to confound nudity and sex. We think that being naked is a call for ‘I want to be fucked right now’ and so we imprison each other. Some folks don’t dare to be naked to not risk sending the wrong message and other folks keep stigmatising the people who do get naked as being freaks, weirdos, or slutty exhibitionists who just wanna get laid.

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    1. I have no issues with nudity so I support this comment 👍🏽


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