IMG_1286Age is but a number….OR IS IT? When older men are surfing for a playmate, he may encounter comments that seem rude or condescending, but sometimes can present a surprise, which can range from “interested” to “not interested.”

If you are an older male seeking playmates many years younger, your success rate will never be as high as when you are near their age. 

If the chemistry is right between two guys, a wide variety of potential playmates, lovers, and long-term relationships can flourish. As an older gay men do you come across younger gay men that are:

Desiring playmates within ten years of their age?

Looking for Sugar Daddies?

What are your experiences as older gay man reaching to a younger gay man for sex?

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  1. nubianikigai says:

    Looking back, I think my sex life when I was in my youger years really sucked…no pun intended. For me it was borderline disaster, mediocre and me asking myself “is this it?” or wondering will it ever get better. It was so unsatisfying and I was often left lying there hanging, feeling unsatisfied, waiting to be fulfilled.
    If you had asked, I believe I would have told you that I was in search of the man who could take me ‘there’. I knew in my mind what my orgasms should have felt like but for some reason , I was ejaculating but it wasn’t orgasmic. Sex was more of quantity and of less quality, kind of like, as I mentioned before, looking for that thing without knowing what it was, because deep down inside I just know that something was missing or just not right.

    Today as an older man, age for me is but a number. I enjoying being with what I call ‘mature men’ and its no longer a question of simple physical attraction but how this person makes me feel as an individual. I guess that’s what was missing before. Now I’m looking for other qualities: self confidence, vulnerbility, tenderness, a spark…
    As an older man I like reaching out to younger men too, its growth, its setting yourself up for possible rejection, its going to that edge, facing the fear. Before, I was the youger man that older guys wanted, now the shoe is on the other foot. Its exciting, it motivates me to stay healthy, to seek out and dig deep within myself to find what else I have to offer. It’s finding out who I am as an individual when all the beauty fades.

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