80528926_517389692206979_5701606318511489024_nThis year I have been feeling a sense of “Bah humbug!” I wonder where has the real meaning of Christmas gone and what the current scenario is costing us as a society? Many families struggle to make ends meet and Christmas puts huge financial pressure on already overburdened parents living in poverty. Many live alone or have lost loved ones and the happy family portrayals can heighten their sense of loneliness at this time of year. An increasing number of people are homeless and on the streets in the depths of midwinter, imagine how they must feel?




Will there be an unquenchable hope to keep “Christmas” going all year long? I am inspired to see so many people acting from a place of love and care, why can’t we keep this going beyond Christmas? So my wish for Christmas is that we can all find the love and rightness inside ourselves, may we express that into the world and be a little kinder to ourselves, one another and to the planet. May we all find the light of hope and joy within our hearts, wherever we are and whatever our circumstances. May we act from this place of love and hope, so that the world is a better place because we are in it. What can you do to feel and spread a little love, hope and joy at this or any other time of year?

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