I’m pretty sure you didn’t see 2020 coming… I know I didn’t!  it’s been a complete whirlwind of unexpected emotions: stress, fear, confusion, exhaustion, worry… anger.

And although 2020 has taught me some monumental lessons that have helped me in my personal life, my relationship and even my career (for which I am SO grateful), I’ve been right there in the trenches with you… feeling ALL of those crazy emotions that this year has stirred up.

I have read your comments, posts, and emails filled with uncertainty, frustration, and anxiety. I know for many of you this has been the hardest, most trying year you’ve ever experienced. Dealing with the lunacy that we call 2020 requires the mental fortitude (and confidence) to feel the fear and acknowledge the uncertainty, but keep grounded and focused despite it.

I know it is going to be difficult to resist the “I just want things to go back to the way they used to be” feeling, but this is an impossible wish because everything is constantly changing. Circumstances can improve or get worse, but they can never go back to the way they were.

 In all honesty, it will take us a long time to heal because we keep trying to return to who we were before the hurt, but that person is long gone. It was only after I began breathing life into a new me that I started developing into the person I am today. 

 We can never be who we once were, which is great news IF we celebrate and focus on who we are becoming in this moment.

 It’s 2021.

Where’s your focus?

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