Aren’t we all damaged goods, trying to find our way around the sexual maze? Don’t we all enjoy anal sex, so why do we make those of that  “bottom” feel like failures as men and discarded outside the bedroom?

 In a community where we add new letters to LGBTQI to make it more encompassing and the with the ascent of online dating, how can, we stop seeing each other as categories that’s perfect for our dicks and bottoms who should be ashamed of what he allows happen to him sexually?

Our insistence on defining ourselves and others as “tops” and “bottoms” has spawned this “top privilege,” and despite the symbiosis between tops and bottoms, there’s too much resentment and outright animosity. Are we we actually having hate sex? Where’s the respect for anyone who can take it like a man? YES, LIKE A MAN! But the more I think about it, how can there actually be “top” vs “bottom,” if the community is open to everyone and we should respect what each other brings. Oh I get it, only persons that are on the outside of our collective bedrooms MUST respect us, but we have free reign to fuck over men who chooses to “bottom.


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  1. nubianikigai says:

    I am a very avid reader of homoreotica especially those that are set back in mediaeval times or antiquity. I must say that for one have rather vivid imagination and reading books like these, provides rich fodder for my mind. I like the idea the perhaps the 3 Musketteers were in fact lovers, not only brothers in arms( no pun intented), or that men on the greco/roman gallions had orgies at some point on their oddyssey around the Mediterranean.

    Their’s one author in particular whom I fetish. I treat his book like gospel for in some way it has opened up not only my mind, but also my heart, and not to mention my soul. What I’ve found so remarkably true is the relationship between men. What’s striking is that fact that true, like today people frown upon homosexuality in general hence gay men at that time more than today needed to be very discreet and have an accute sense of detail in order to tell who liked who, but beyond that their was ALWAYS respect between men who had similar incilinations. There was never mentions of ‘TOPS’ , ‘BOTTOMS’, hate or shaming. There was always mutual respect and gratitude. Men gave and received (dick and ass) each one his turn. And dare I say that ‘BOTTOMMING’ was no less respected, or less virile as the most virile of men never hesitated when it came to taking it up the ass.

    I ‘bottom’, and enjoy bottoming. I enjoy topping too. Recently with an online friend, I discoved too that I am also a natural ‘SUB’. I felt so much proud to discover that aspect of my sexuality.

    I must admit with some desolation that name calling, labelling and shaming are all post-modern plagues, (fags, bottoms, fems, queens, nig*er and the list goes)

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    1. Thanks for your comment 📥


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