Just curious, guys, is there anything you won’t do during sex?

Is it scat?

Eating before sex?

Inflicting physical pain?

Why do we refuse certain sex acts? Is it because we find it gross, humiliating, degrading, painful, dangerous, or scary?

What are your limits in the bedroom? I believe we all have one.

What’s your absolute no-no in bed and why?

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  1. renudepride says:

    The pain is a definite “no-no!” Anything else depends upon my partner. Good questions! Naked hugs! 🙂


  2. nubianikigai says:

    Someone really smart once said: ” sex isn’t everything but sex is everything”.

    Before we can even begin taking about having a fulfilling and rewarding sexlife, Do we know what turns us on? Do we know how to pleasure ourselves?, Do we even know where our erogenous zones are? These are some of the basic questions I’d ask first.

    Let’s be honest sex is painful for most of us, if its the first time, whether it be anal or vaginal and, a little pain is a part of life! wanna talk about pain, lets ask our mom how they felt during pregnancy and during childbirth!

    Now the issue of not doing certain things during sex is a whole other story. I for that matter found that men of colour made particularly bad lovers. They were just bad in bed! Reason being, they had so many taboos, they just were’nt open and willing enough to try something new or there was a lot of stigma , shame and embarrassement. For many, it was already hard enough for them to be gay and accept it. 9 times out of 10 they would prefer to be bisexual or live on the DL. I know for a fact however, that I, and men of colour have come a mighty long way since then, thanks to social media and SW’ers of colour who have been doing an awesome job in just educating young ignorant men like myself. I did’nt know I knew so little when it come to the subject. Despite being so sexually active! I’m a new being! I know for a fact now that anyone can be freaky, nasty, or kinky…I now know about fetishes and what takes me over the edge and How I can make my sexlife and that of my partner a little bit more spicey. We don’t need to be a porn star to do that!

    Sex isn’t just a bedroom dick in ass act. It’s just as an essential part of us as breathing, eating or taking a piss. How you like your sex or your sexuality is like your finger print, it’s your personal code, your persona, how you express your being. Why don’t we try to holding our breath for an hour, why would we do that? In the same way, why do we hold back on our sexual expressiveness as if its something to be ashamed of.

    NO, there is nothing I would’nt do in bed. I wont say no until I’ve tried it once. Thats the message I want to send to my partner(s). I’m willing to allow for individual expression, we can both express ourselves openly without shame our guilt.

    It’s ok to like “Vanilla” but after a while even vanilla loses its flavor.

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