Like many things worth having in life, love is always risky because you never know how it will turn out in the end.

When you are single for a long time it is normal for two things to happen: 1) to feel like you won’t ever find true love and 2) to have a naive perception of love and all that it entails.

For a lot of us, once you fall in deeply, you feel like it will always be picture perfect and will be the snapshot of what so many of us post on our social media pages.

You think it will always be romance, long hugs, passionate kisses, gifts and never-ending reminders of why we love the person we are with and vice-versa.

But then, in the middle of love, we are hit with the reality of life and while it is amazing that we have found someone to share it with, sometimes it is not always so perfect.

Arguments happen over petty things.

We may get sick with depression, anxiety, chronic illnesses, or disorders that our partners may have not known about prior to being with us and we then begin to see love not only in a romantic sense but love in the midst of reality.

So, sometimes you may wish you were single again and he may drift from you just to give himself some space.

You may yell at him and say, “Leave!” or, “Just find someone else who you can deal with.”

But, if you have someone who truly loves you for who you are in this life, even if you get sick, have a bad attitude, throw a fit sometimes, get jealous or have traits that take a toll on your relationship, a man that is truly meant to be with you will always stay.

Because true love never quits when the going gets tough, it gets stronger through the challenges.

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  1. renudepride says:

    Excellent summary of the lasting benefits of love! 🙂 Naked hugs!


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