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  1. nubianikigai says:

    “Don’t make me over!, now that you know how I adore you…”

    Keep your Only fans and I’d probable join in or not…!!! I woundn’t dare ask anyone to give anything up for me. What I mean is, this choice must above all come from the other person. I personally don’t feel that I have that right. If I fell in love with a pornstar and I decided to get into a relationship with a pornstar, then that’s what I signed up for. Unless he hid it from me then I knew what I was getting into before signing on the dotted line. Having said that, How can I tell him to stop. If he wants to turn the camera off, then that’d be his decision to make….It’s great having someone give stuff up for us. It’s a sign of engagement… for some, to others its a proof of love and still for others is a sign of committment.
    But before asking someone to close their ONLYFANS account lets be honest and think. What would we give up, had the shoe been on the other foot…Lets not be to hastey in wanting to make each other over.

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