Why do people fall in love? 

Why are some forms of love so lasting and others so fleeting? 

Love is a basic human emotion, but understanding how and why it happens is not necessarily easy. In fact, for a long time, many people suggested that love was simply something too primal, mysterious, and spiritual for science to ever fully understand. 

What does love have to do with you?

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  1. nubianikigai says:

    What does love have to do with you? Love has everything to do with me.
    Self love has allowed me to accept myself for who I am. Loving myself frees me from the pain of self inflicted punishment or seeking punishment from others.
    Love tells me that its not right to fetishise others or to use people as sex objects.
    Love teaches me respect.

    Love says that I don’t need to be in love to show love, kindness and generosity of spirit.


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