iIMG_3844It was  supposed to be just one time, one time; and then you forget about each other and move on with your lives. However, as fate would have it, you accidentally ran into your hookup while running some errand and alas, you don’t want to talk or reconnect with him so what do you do?

A.) Make a run for it;

B.) Worse, he does.

Running into a former fuck buddy, hookup, or even an ex-boyfriend is not impossible. Certainly, it has been known to happen to many others before and why not, if you’ve met once, then the two of you can meet twice in this lifetime. After all, while the universe is big, there’s such a thing as serendipity. The question is: what do you do when this happens to you? 

Pretend you didn’t see him, or hide?

Keep it Casual?

Nod at him in recognition but keep walking?

Both of you knew it was a one-time thing, no need to keep the situation even more awkward than it already is?

That being said, have you ever accidentally run into a hookup?

If so, how did you handle it?

What did the other guy do?

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