Police say they literally caught a Pittsburgh-area mother with blood on her hands after shooting and killing her transgender son as well as her cisgender daughter on Monday.

Authorities in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, say Krisinda Ann Bright, 48, shot and killed her own two children, 16-year-old Jeffrey Bright and 22-year-old Jasmine Cannady, left her unloaded gun on her dining room table, called 911, and waited on her front porch for officers to arrive, according to police documents.

It “was a gruesome scene,” said Ambridge Police Chief John DeLuca.

According to the police report, when officers asked Bright if she was bleeding, she said she wasn’t. She said the blood on her hands, arms, and clothing was from her slain children.

Bright shot Cannady while she was sleeping in her bedroom. She then carried the gun downstairs to where Jeffrey was, pointed the gun at him, and pulled the trigger.

According to a criminal complaint, Bright admitted she shot Cannady while the young woman was lying in bed upstairs. She then said she went downstairs, pointed her gun at JJ, and pulled the trigger; however, the gun didn’t fire.

According to the complaint, JJ then said “[p]lease don’t shoot[;] I’m gonna call the police.”

Bright said she “fixed” the gun and shot JJ in the face. When she realized JJ wasn’t dead, she went back upstairs, got another gun, and again shot JJ “in the head because she didn’t want [JJ] to suffer,” the complaint document says.

Crime scene investigators found both victims with apparent gunshot wounds to the face and head.

Rick Mattia, the executive director of a local mental health organization, told WPXI-TV that he knew both victims.

“They were happy,” Mattia said, especially “when they were with their friends . . . but obviously they had some things that they had to deal with being a part of the LGBTQ community and not being understood all the time.”

PRISM of Beaver County, Inc., an area outreach group for the LGBTQ+ community, held a vigil for both Jasmine and “JJ.”

The group later set up a GoFundMe to assist with funeral expenses. Organizers asked journalists to refer to JJ as male, even though county officials used his birth name on official documents, the Beaver County Tribune reported.

Bright is currently accused of two counts of criminal homicide under § 2501 (A) of commonwealth law. Under Pennsylvania law, that charge is defined broadly as the causing of another person’s death “intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or negligently.”


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