If there’s one thing Lil Nas X knows how to do, it’s get the internet talking. This ranges from his hit single “Old Town Road,” which he made sure to keep in the cultural conversation long after it premiered with a variety of versions, to his promotional imagery, and even just social interactions. Just last week he went viral for clapping back on a homophobic dig from the rapper 6ix9ine and we ate it up, even though we now know he probably manufactured the ‘receipts.” Well, with the next track, the rapper is back at it with the back at it again.

With “Montero,” Nas X is combining it all. We’ve been talking about the track, which has the alternate title “Call Me By Your Name” for months now. He’s premiered snippets on social media, and then had it soundtrack his Super Bowl 2021 ad. Though it’s now dubbed “Montero,” likely for legal reasons, the excitement for it is still pretty high. On Tuesday, the performer kicked all of that up a notch with single cover art and a release date. The cover art? Inspired by Michaelangelo himself. 

In the photo, Nas X appears as both Cupid and Adam from “Creation of Adam.” As both, the rapper appears nude with clouds and branches covering the essential bits. 


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  1. renudepride says:

    Good for him in having the courage and pride to do so. Appearing bare is nothing to be ashamed of and his confidence and pride is to be applauded! Thanks for the post! 🙂 Bare hugs!


    1. I glad he’s doing his thing 🙂

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