Life is uncertain and we know that more now. We can feel sad, exhausted, and all the rest, while simultaneously feeling grateful for what we do have. We are capable of feeling two feelings at once, even if they contradict each other.

It’s okay to feel scared of what this “new” world will be like.

It’s okay to worry if things will ever get back to “normal.”

No one knows when this will “end” but we can’t control that. We can only control how we react to what we feel on the inside.

Some days, it will be easier said than done to be positive, and other days it will be easy. Throw away the judgment of trying to be ultra-positive all the time; it’s physically impossible. There’s a balance that comes with struggle and gratitude, they go hand in hand.

Grieve as you need; do all the self-care in the world. Seek support or a therapist if you can.

Take things one step at a time—because sometimes that’s all you can do.

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  1. renudepride says:

    Very honest and worthy of memory! Thank you, buddy! Bare hugs! 🙂


  2. Covid -19 changed MANY things had to post about it.


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