Legend tells of a rare breed of man. When quarantine was first announced, he decided to not cum until this pandemic was behind us. Is this COVID chastity something you can get into? We won’t be locked up permanently, so can you enjoy the chaste?


Unless you have a steady partner, “safe sex” has pretty much become an oxymoron in the COVID world. There is no dick long enough to allow for fucking from six feet apart. In lieu of actual physical hook-ups, men are turning to their webcams to simulate the sexual experience. And folks, I’m here for it! Sure you can’t cuddle afterwards, but you can hop into a Discord server and play!

So which Covid-19 quarantine fetish can you get behind?

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  1. nubianikigai says:

    Thanks to quarantine. I’m really feeding my voyeurism fetishe. As it’s not easy to see feet or politely stare at men taking a piss, or seeing a guy being peed on…I get to enjoy and savour a lot of non-sexual things that make me happy.


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