Sexuality is a taboo topic in our society because it is one of those primal forces which we consciously or unconsciously feel powerless to control. Deep down, we sense that it is connected to that unknown universal source of energy from which we came from and continue to exist within.

The feeling of shame is one of the biggest obstacles most of same gender loving people face in learning to embrace their sexuality. In a culture that has infected us with the notions of virtue and shame; where a murder scene on television is more “viewer-friendly” than a tow men or women lovemaking; it becomes apparent how difficult it is to openly accept and acknowledge this life force that exists within us.

Shame is an emotion that we’re taught by our families and communities. Since a very young age we’re taught what we “should and shouldn’t feel bad about,” and as a result of this we develop the capacity to experience guilt. Through guilt we begin rejecting sacred aspects of ourselves and repressing them deep into our shadow selves; our sexual desires, quirks, attractions and fantasies.

I’ve even seen some people deny their sexuality, dismissing it as a “lower physical instinct/vibration” or claiming to “rise above it” as if there is a division between “lower” physical cravings and “higher” spiritual functions when we are seeking wholeness. Sex forms the base notes of your Spirit’s musical melody.

Of course, you are more than solely a sexual being: your sexuality doesn’t define you, but it is a part of you. But it’s by denying it as a part of you that you create blockages of energy within your body that perpetuates the fragmentation of your soul, keeping you incomplete and restricted instead of expanded and whole.

Ironically, it is the sexual orgasm that gives us a taste of soulful expansionof transcending our limited selves and feeling boundless for the first time in our entire lives (if only a momentary glimpse).

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  1. nubianikigai says:

    It is only after getting over the shame can we then enjoy the bliss.

    Sex and spirituality are indeed elementary to our beings, pretty much like the fundamental elements of the universe: Fire, Earth, Water, Metal, and Wood and ironically, yes, sex is a channel. Good sex takes us down the path of soulful expansion and bad sex leaves a bitter taste of resentment and regret.

    I am of the faith that as our sexuality grows and flourishes so does our spirituality. They are inextricably intertwined. As my own spiritualy grows, I look for better sexual experiences, growth, fulfillment.
    I become more demanding , not onlyof myself, but also my partner and my community. I don’t necessarily want more in quantity but more in quality. As I accept my sexuality, I open my soul and my spirituality, my expectations grow, I take care of my mind, and my body. I lseek depth in my relationships. I am more confident, more generous, more vulnerable. I am stronger. I find my space and take my place.


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