Hot and heavy feelings of love don’t last forever.

The closer you get to someone, the more settled you feel around them. This doesn’t mean your partner won’t do things that won’t disrupt the sense of ease, it just means that the majority of time, you feel secure. Shopping for socks together on a Saturday night is a good thing, a sweet one; it means you are attached.

The Biggest Difference: The level of consistency in how you feel.

Is it so bad to feel a sense of ease, feel a sense of peace & some boredom too?

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  1. Zaviaus & Benji says:

    We totally agree that boredom is not a bad thing. It shows the couple has found their groove & are comfortable with one another. Although it isn’t necessary to turn off the fun, but important to tone it down. Most important whatever works for the couple is what the couple should do.


  2. nubianikigai says:

    Boredom isn’t bad is just an indication that it’s time to mix it up a little. It’s a cue that needs to be taken seriously.

    Used well, boredom can be the key to a long lasting and fulfilling relationship as boredom allows and give the permission sometimes even forcing us to become more creative in all areas of the relationship. Be it sexual or non sexual.


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