Pride is all around us and there is a plethora in every neighborhood, one only needs to become still and watch.

Because Gay Pride is coming to a close, it can be difficult to spot the prideful things that live in our midst. Many thrive among paved streets, sidewalks, buildings, parking lots, and high-rises. There’s pride in abundance burrowing in the soil of the home you live in, making nests in the trees and buzzing around the flowers that beautify our gardens. To find these creatures, we only need to stop, look, and listen. Gay Pride s continually playing out in the streets, in the shadowy places where cautious nocturnal mammals wait for night’s mantel to fall and the fountain of life playfully splashing and frolicking. These things becomes a part of our beautiful, complex and exciting communities.

Pride in and out, we have a diverse ecosystem to explore. If your search is challenging, try to look at your community with prideful eyes. Recognizing that you share your space with a wide range of persons can make you feel like a part of the grand circle of life and help you appreciate the importance of a healthy community

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