Many people think that most gay men are promiscuous. So if you are gay, bi, or queer, do you believe yourself to be inherently promiscuous? It is a common misconception that gay males are inherently “promiscuous” mainly because of their gender preference or gender classification.

There have been many theories that try to justify the supposed promiscuity of gays, but unfortunately, there is still more to reveal about the reputation. The proofs can either confirm it or discredit it.

Do you think gay men are really promiscuous?

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  1. nubianikigai says:

    You know what, I’m really tired and fed up with the labelling, tagging , bashing and condesending remarks. Enough is enough!

    Gay men are no more or no less promiscuous than straight men…
    I read in another article, of the difficulties LGBTQI individuals face when it come to receiving health care, is it any wonder that health care issues would be at a higher rate in our community?
    Gay men don’t have AIDS!
    Gay men are not pedophiles!
    Gay men are not perverts!
    Black men are’nt savages!
    Even though black neighborhoods get more policing and black men are more lickely to be stopped by the police.

    As gay men, we have to put up with shaming from society, church, healthcare professionals and family.

    When do we ever get the right to live our lives and finally be free without wondering how we’ll be perceived or labelled.

    Now you see as a black gay men all the bullshit I have to put up with on a daily basis. Do you now understand my trauma?

    Now I’m gonna be labelled whore if I want some sex from time to time, even if I don’t have sex but once a year: for my birthday, but that’s enough to label me promiscuous. Isn’t it…? and Let’s face it, I wish we’d be having more sex, maybe it would cut down on the sucide rate among members of our community.

    So you see, we’re not all thinkiing about having sex, some of us are busy orchestrating thier own death!


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